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Two Days from Theresa

Sunday November 4, 2012

We arrived in Senegal early, approximately 5am and our accommodations changed because the American army is also staying in the same place we booked and they needed our space for Sunday night, so we decided to stay with Bill and Dianne Grudda. They had to stay in Dakar until mid afternoon because they were meeting with missionaries that were traveling on our flight(we enjoyed meeting them as they ministered in California in inner city Hollywood California and they had very interesting stories). So we all went to  Goree Island, where the slaves were held until they left for various places in America. We had an interesting time and were fortunate that one of the guides could speak English. Then we checked out the different shops at the market and worked on our bargaining skills. We enjoyed a delicious lunch of fish or shrimp with rice. We also got to dip our feet in the ocean, which was amazingly warm. With much exhaustion we headed to Thies, then we had a meeting with the mission team to go over our week’s agenda. It was great seeing everyone again.

Monday November 5, 2012

Today we went to the village to meet and greet everyone. We split into two teams so that we could cover more of the village and invite them to come to our bible study that we are doing tomorrow. The new people all received their Serer names, it is such an honor to be named as they always have some meaning or purpose. So all day as we are introduced, they have fun hearing who we are, and what is amazing is they always remember our names.

I personally got to meet with Francois, the first Christian in our village, he wasn’t feeling real well, so we prayed for him and had a nice visit. Meg got to learn how to make couscous, while Nancy checked out the different plants. We tried some monkey bread, which is seeds that they eat from a piece of fruit, which is nothing like bread. Meanwhile Carol had a tearful reunion with Mary Faye, whom she is named after. Carol had been praying for her since she visited 3 years ago. Recently Mary was sick and needed xrays so it was good to see that she was feeling better. Lunch was prepared in the village where we enjoyed eating with our hands out of a community bowl.  Elisha is taking amazing pictures while balancing her time getting to know the villagers. The last activity today in the village was the children’s program. Awa one of the nationals on the mission team does a great job organizing them and teaching them about Jesus. We always bring candy that she gives out to all of them. One little piece of candy lights up the kids and they hold onto it like it was the biggest treasure they have ever received. Then when they eat it, they savor every bite.  Meg and Elisha really hit it off with the kids. I am sure they are having sweet dreams, knowing we are returning tomorrow. Robin was meeting and greeting, definitely a different role for her this time, while everyone recognizes her as the doctor. The good news is she had some time to plan to do some health education program later this week. Nancy is leading the women tomorrow in teaching the bible story about Sarah. I will be spending the day working with abobacar Sane going over our finances. Will be in touch tomorrow. Hoping to send pictures then.


Megan From Dakar

IT is finally becoming real to me. Stepping off the plane was like waking into a different universe. The smell of the ocean, the sound of crowds speaking in an unknown tongue, the instant wave of heat- we are here. We are in africa. We were trading glances with one another with wonder of what was to come. I am so glad to be somewhere so  wonderful and with such amazing women. Long day and going to bed. We are headed to the village tomorrow. Can’t wait.


From Alison

Yesterday, six women borded a plane headed to Senegal, West Africa. It has
been two years since the “Senegal Adventure” missions team from EHBC has
sent out a travel team. That’s not to say that nothing has been happening in
that time frame. In fact, a lot as transpired. There have been a few changes
in our leadership here and with our partners in Senegal. In the midst of
these changes we have taken the time to re-evaluate our mission both amoung
ourselves and with our partners. Members of our leadership team have made
three trips there in order to do so. A great deal has been learned by all, and our
partnering relationship deeply enriched in the process. And while our
approach to this mission has shifted, I can say with great confidence, that
God’s intentions have not. His great love for the people of N’diandiane has
never been more vivid to me.

I am very proud of the travel team who have landed in Dakar just a few hours
ago. The team is being lead by Theresa Kidd and Robin Maurer. They are not
only faithful members of our leadership team, but true veterans to this mission. Traveling with them are Carol Hornstien (a sencond time traveler), Elisha Stasko, Nancy Gardiner, and Megan Kirkham (all first time travelers). Their focus for the week will be on “Women’s Ministries” as they spend four days in the village. On their last day in the village they will be participating in a truly amazing event, a baptism celebration! I’m not sure just how many will be getting baptised, but at last count, there were about 60 believers in N’diandiane. When I think back to our first visits to Animistic/Muslim village four years ago, with only one believer in the village, I can see the power of God at work amoung these people. I have never felt more blessed to be a part of what God is doing there. And I can’t wait to hear from the team as they report back over the next few days. Please join me in prayer for them and raise worship to Him who does the impossible!

Alison Fisher Cullen
Leader of the Senegal Mission


The team has arrived in Dakar. They are spending the morning in Dakar taking a trip out to Goree Island just off the coast of Senegal. This island has a long history connected to the Trans Atlantic slave trade. They will travel on to Thies later today. Monday will be their first of several days in the village. More news to come.

Six women will leave tomorrow, Nov. 3, for Dakar. They will be in Senegal until Nov. 10. The team will be visiting our partner village with the Missions Team from Thies. They will be spending time with the people in the village and celebrating the work that has been done on the building that will house their services in the future. The team has three returning travelers Robin Maurer, Theresa Kidd and Carol Hornstein. There are also three first time Senegal travel team members Nancy Gardiner, Megan Kirkham and Elisha Stasko. The team will be sending updates as Internet access is available.

If you have an interest or want more information about the two upcoming trips to Senegal join us at our informational meeting on Monday, Sept. 26, 7pm. We will be meeting at Eastern Hills Bible Church, in the small group room off the foyer in the Rt. 92 Campus.

Upcoming trips to Senegal:
December 2011
April 2012